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A Day's Shoot in Pictures
The gallery here provides a summary of some of the moments and memories from a day's shoot in March 2008.
Two views of the fireplace at the Club House

If you are shooting on a cold day in winter, the Club House provides excellent comfort. If you are there during your summer holiday the fireplace still provides a sense of homeliness



As befitting a Clay Pigeon club house there are many photos of game and stuffed animals


Coffee on arrival and we enjoy the scenery   Then outside to learn the basics

Coffee is available to customers before proceeding to the various ranges



The coach explains the techniques and ensures that the shooters are fully aware of their and other's safety


Amanda's nervous first shot, but it's a hit   Pam holds a gun for the first time

Beginner's luck? Amanda shatters her first ever clay



A beginner holds the gun for the first time and gets used to the way that the gun follows the target


Tony shows the men the technique at the Springing Teal   After that Geoff tries a 'double clay on report'

Assistant Tony shows the technique at a different range



Lower down the men try their hand with a double clay


Ian demonstrates   He is always attentive to help make minor adjustments

Ian shows the correct way to deal with this type. As expected the clay is shattered



The coach stands behind to identify where the gun may not be follwoing the clay


Jenny learns how to operate the trap   More discussions on techniques

How do you pull the clay?




Malcolm fires and hits the clay   The clay is broken

Malcolm hits the target - good technique



Magnified image of the broken clay


After the shoot there is time for a raki with the staff  

The view from a nearby taverna - should you wish to finish off with a traditional lunch with a great view! (note - this is not included in the cost)

The raki tastes good after the exercise



Aview from a local taverna


Amanda displays the cartridge case from her very first shot - a hit  

But the memories will remain - perhaps of the first lesson

This is the cartridge that shattered the clay with my first ever shot  

Memories of a day in the south of crete

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